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Are Facials Worth It?

While facials might have benefits, there is not really any clear evidence to show that they have lasting effects on your skin. It makes you wonder whether it’s even worth spending your hard-earned money on. I have been getting facials since the age of 16…

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My name is Desiree and I created this space to share some bits and pieces of my life and offer much needed inspiration to women from all over the world. I believe that words are a form of art that can be used to invoke many emotions. I hope this creative space can encourage you to share your ideas and opinions on various topics. Thank you for stopping by. Get to know me by clicking the About tab in the top left corner.


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Vanessa’s Coffee Shop

Vanessa’s coffee shop is located in the Lake Nona Area. It’s a cozy, rustic coffee shop with so many coffee and food options. Usually when you see a really cute coffee shop, the coffee sucks. Thankfully, I can’t say that…

5 Charities You Can Donate to This Christmas

The Christmas Holiday is not just about receiving, but also about giving. While we sit with our families eating our favorite meals and laughing over our favorite Christmas movies, we must remember that many others aren’t as fortunate. A lot…