90s Fashion Trends That Have Made a Comeback

90s fashion was not cool back then and looking back at our childhood photos, we can all probably admit that we all looked a hot mess. Overalls made us look frumpy and the jumpsuits we wore were typically two sizes too big, but we didn’t care. We just wore what was given to us or what we had and kept it moving.

Now, some of the most popular 90s fashion trends have made a comeback, but the difference is that they are actually cute.

1. Overalls

Today, you can find overalls in different colors and with different patterns. They have long overalls, overalls with skirts, and overalls with shorts.

2. Neon

Neon had made such a huge comeback to the point that many people wear it to music festivals or for a night on the town. It adds a pop of color to your outfits and makes you standout. It also looks amazing in pictures.

3. Track Suits

People all around are rocking track suits by Adidas and even Nike. They are super cute and can be dressed down or up with a cute heel.

4. Platform Shoes

Platforms are so cute and add an edgy touch to any outfit. The best part is, there are so many platforms to choose from and they are so fun to wear and also super comfortable.

5. Bucket Hats

All the bboys used to wear bucket hats with their tracksuits, but now you can find a bucket hat in almost every shop.

6. Combat Boots

Combat boots go with almost every outfit. You can pair them with a simple dress or some skinny jeans and a bomber jacket. It adds a “goth” element to your clothing.

7. Animal Prints

Who doesn’t love animal print? It adds spice to your outfit and can make you feel sexy and daring.

8. Denim Skirts

Denim skirts stopped being cool some years ago, but have definitely made a comeback. They are shorter, tighter, and super cute additions to any outfit.

9. Mom Jeans

Everyone and their mom is rocking mom jeans now. It tends to slim down the stomach and adds some curves giving you the appearance of an hourglass shape. They are also super comfortable.

10. Tiny Sunglasses

Tiny sunglasses are the perfect addition to any outfit and give you some edge.

11. Mini Backpacks

This is a bag that many high fashion designers are even selling now. They are super cute and lightweight and can fit all your essential items. Plus they don’t ruin your outfit, but instead add some pazazz.



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