Are Facials Worth It?

While facials might have benefits, there is not really any clear evidence to show that they have lasting effects on your skin. It makes you wonder whether it’s even worth spending your hard-earned money on.

I have been getting facials since the age of 16 and out of all the facials I have received, I was only impressed by one. This particular facial was a week before prom and the esthetician really knew skin and what would benefit it. She took her time and really explained to me what kind of skin I had and what every product she was using did for my skin. My skin was clear and spot free even weeks after prom.

Ever since then I have had numerous facials from different spa facilities and I can honestly say that I have never been impressed with any of them. The last facial I got was an okay facial and my skin was flaky the day after getting the facial which I wasn’t too happy about. I had to pack on loads of moisturizer to hydrate the parts of my skin that were flaking off.

It got me thinking whether this was something I should continue spending my money on because a lot of the stuff they do can be performed at home. Also, with the right skin care regimen, your skin can look amazing.

I have combination skin which means chemical exfoliants work the best on my skin and are usually very gentle on my skin. Abrasive exfoliants are an absolute NO for someone like me. It seems that the esthetician performing my facial didn’t really know that which is something that should be known. Not every kind of exfoliant will work for all skin types.

Thankfully, this was a Groupon and I didn’t pay the full $95 for the facial because to me it wouldn’t  have been worth it. The funny thing is, many people pay way more for facials and $95 was on the cheaper end of a facial.

There are so many different types of facials out there that claim to perform different tasks. Some of these facials are absolutely ridiculous and a bit extra. I highly doubt that they actually do anything that a normal facial can’t do.



Facials should be simple and should perform two tasks which is to deep clean your skin and leave you with a clear, radiant complexion. Other than that, what’s the point? Most facials don’t even have lasting benefits to your skin and a lot of times people get them so they can look good before an event.  Then they put makeup all over their faces which defeats the purpose of a facial.

I think facials are good if you want immediate results that last about a week, but it is not something that anyone should break the bank for. Yes! They do make you feel relaxed, during the facial, but that is still not a reason to spend money on them. There are so many facial steamers, face masks, exfoliators, and serums you can purchase and use from home that have lasting benefits and do 10x more than a facial can. I think skin care is an investment, but it should be a smart one.

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