Beyonce’s New Song “Black Parade” is the “Black” Anthem” We Needed

Beyonce surprised us all when she released her new song, “Black Parade” on Juneteenth. Not only was this perfectly executed, but the song served to pay homage to our African roots and to our ancestors.

The song brings awareness to the tense current times that we are all living in when it is safe to say that a majority of black people are completely on edge. This is all while dealing with the news that Trump was holding a rally in Tulsa, OK on Juneteenth.

There has been numerous calls on celebrities to do something in relation to black lives, but as we have seen numerous times, that is not always the answer. We have to ask the question of what can a celebrity do to truly help during this time? Well, Beyonce used her art to relay an important message and it is definitely taking and it was definitely needed.

This song is calling black people to remember their beautiful roots and the beauty that we all hold within ourselves. Beauty that came from our ancestors. Even when the world hates us, they cannot break us. We have such a deep and powerful history and it’s about time we realize that. We have a strong spiritual energy within us that cannot be touched because it was passed down from generation to generation. We are not only a representation of ourselves, but of where we came from and the strong black people that fought so we can be here.



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