Black-Owned Clothing & Jewelry Brands that Should Be on Your Radar

The gruesome death of George Floyd has sparked global outrage and protests. It has also brought to light the long going history of mistreatment of black people in America. While donations and petitions are one way to show solidarity with your fellow brothers and sisters, another way is buying from black-owned businesses.

There have been many occurrences where the high fashion world has taken the ideas of small business owners, specifically black fashion designers. The high fashion world remains lucrative and their clothes fly off the racks, while small black-owned fashion and jewelry lines suffer. This is why it is crucial for us to start supporting fashion and jewelry lines created by black people.

I have comprised a list of black-owned clothing and jewelry brands that we can all support. I have listed a $ under each instagram picture to indicate how pricey the clothing lines are. The more dollar signs, the more expensive.


($$$) Rihanna has taken the world by storm with her makeup, fashion, and lingerie line that are for every kind of woman.

($$$) A Brooklyn designer that creates unique shoes and handbags for the luxurious woman while practicing sustainability. Majority of her products being made in Africa.

($) While we can all use uplifting words, this clothing company has opted to add them on shirts to uplift and inspire the black community.


($) Wrldinvsn (World-in-vision) is a company started by Nicholas Clark and Marlon Watts to encourage people to believe in their vision and to go for what they want in life.

($) Black excellence is defined as a black person who, despite having struggles because of the color of their skin, strives for excellence and continuously achieves things that not only benefits his or her life, but the lives of others.

($$$$) Christopher John Rogers features beautiful and colorful clothing for that inner fashionista in all of us. You can find these amazing designs on Net-A-Porter.

($$) Telfar is a unisex clothing line where you can find amazing handbags, jewelry, and a few clothing pieces that are unique and edgy.


($$) This minimal and eco-friendly swimsuit line features unique styles with bold colors.

($$) Supermodel Liya Kebede created a clothing line of beautiful clothing with unique designs made in Africa.

($$) An NYC clothing brand that expresses art and culture through their clothing. You can find a mix of edgy and laidback clothing that is of great quality.

($) A sexy lingerie line for women of all shapes and sizes that is affordable and makes us feel like the baddies we are.

($$) Elegant veils, accessories, and face masks to add an extra oomph to your outfit.

($) West African print clothing designed by Nigerian sisters Chioma and Uchenna Ngwudo, where you can get a variety of clothing including their beautiful head wraps.

($$) An edgy clothing brand that takes fashion to the next level with pieces that will sure to get you a few head turns.

($) Fashion that represents culture. It’s so good that they are mostly sold out, so keep an eye for when they restock.

($) Amazingly beautiful African jewelry that is one of a kind at a great price.

($$) This is a uniquely styled and constructed swimsuit line with some African inspiration.

($) This clothing brand wants to uplift and inspire black culture through their clothing.

($) Clothing inspired by the richness of Africa with a modern touch.


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