Christmas Tree Decor Under $25

Christmas wasn’t that great for me growing up. I didn’t get many presents so it was hard for me to be happy during the holidays. What got me in the Christmas spirit was decorating the house, especially the Christmas tree. I would get so excited to go into the garage to find all of the decorations. The ornament, lights and of course the angel for the top of the trees. My sisters and I would decorate together. We would even wrap garland and lights around the staircase. Even though we knew we weren’t getting much, decorating got us going. That was until one year when my mom took down all of the decorations when we were at school. It was devastating. I just wanted one thing to keep me excited for the holidays. I spent many years without decorating. I got used to it, but this year I want it to be different. If you have been reading my 12 Days of Christmas you would know that I have been reclaiming the holidays. As I have become an adult I realize that it’s my responsibility to make the holidays special for me. However, I’m on a budget this year. I am planning on moving soon so there isn’t a point of getting a big tree plus I’m trying to save up. so I’m decorating a mini Christmas tree with a budget under $15. I realize that other people might be going through the same thing that I am. So, if you are trying to save up money but still have the Christmas spirit this can work for you too.

Here’s what I got:

Mini Christmas tree $9.99


Dollar Store:
Tinsel- $1

Presents Ornaments $1

Bells Ornaments $1

Candy cane ornament $1

In total I spent: $13.99

I ordered the Christmas tree off of Amazon. I do have amazon prime so it might be cheaper for me compared to someone else that doesn’t have prime. There are slightly bigger trees at the same price as the one that I got. The reason why I picked mine was for the wooden base. I thought it would be hard to find a tree skirt for a mini Christmas tree. I got the tinsel and the ornaments from the dollar store. I was trying to find an actual tree topper but it was hard to find a mini one. The topper I have is a regular sized candy cane ornament. It was a good find because I wanted candy canes on my tree but it is hard to hang mini candy canes since it’s not wrapped the same as the regular ones. I didn’t realize that the bells were stringed together until I opened the package. I’d rather be able to place them where I wanted because you can barely see them. I added the presents next, I’m glad that there were blue presents in the pack. The tree has a lot of red and gold to it so the blue brings contrast to it. I love how big the candy cane is on the tree, it’s definitely a statement piece. There were extra bells that weren’t on the string so I decided to add that to the top, I think it adds a nice touch to the tree.

Here’s how it turned out:


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  1. 12.7.21
    Claudie P said:

    Thank you so much for having me. I appreciate the opportunity ?

  2. 12.7.21

    Amazon Prime has been clutch as it relates to ordering my Christmas decor. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, I try to limit my time in stores right now. However, they allow me to get exactly what I want at a reasonable price, and it arrives at my door. Great post!

    • 12.7.21
      Claudie P said:

      Thank you so much. And yes Amazon prime has been amazing ?

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