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What a year 2021 was. With the birth of a new covid-19 variant, we can all probably agree that it was a rough year for many people. If you’re like me, you still tried to find the brighter side of things and still tried to make 2021 YOUR year. That’s honestly all you can do in such crazy times. With everything that still went on, I can’t personally say it was a terrible year for me. I had a lot of successes in the past year. While we can choose to focus on a lot of the bad that happened, I choose to focus on the good.

Laying The Foundation

I was recently looking at my vision board that I created at the beginning of 2021. I was excited to see that I had achieved a lot of the goals that I had put on my vision board. I hit 100,000 views on my blog. I also self-published my first e-book. Another big goal of mine was to turn my blog into another stream of income. I did that, as well. This wasn’t by luck either. All this was because I spent time studying how to do these things and laying down the foundations.

Putting My Manifestations Into Action

You remember when Drake said, “I’m the type to say a prayer and then go get what I just prayed for.” This is my type of manifesting. I set the intention and work on manifesting exactly what I want, but I also make sure that I back it with actions. This makes my manifestations more believable. I wholeheartedly believe it will happen because I have put in the work to make it happen. I think the action part is a major step that people leave out of manifesting. I’m not saying that you can’t manifest something without putting actions to it, but it might take longer to manifest the thing you want that way.

My Feelings About 2022

I’m honestly excited about 2022 because I want to really push myself this year. I want to do the things that I have feared doing for so long and that benefit my wellbeing. I also want to continue to build on the foundations of last year. This year is about making further improvements and also forcing myself to relax more.

I tend to go into overdrive sometimes and that means I tend to forget that I need to relax. This is something I seriously struggle with. I can work and work for hours without taking a break. I used to think this was pretty impressive, but I’m finding out that it’s not very healthy. I don’t know if this is due to my perfectionism or my impatience, but it’s a habit I am trying to break. I have to physically turn off my laptop and leave the room because I will sit there and work all night.

Setting Intentions

In 2022, I set the intention to only do things that serve to improve my quality of life. This is a blanketed way of saying eat healthy, heal, and continue to build my business. As you have already learned about me, I am not a big fan of setting a long list of goals for the year, but only a few. Focusing on one goal at a time has been the most effective way of achieving my goals. It is a method that I will continue to utilize this year in 2022.


I want everything to be perfect. It’s impossible, but I still think I can do it for some reason. This is where a lot of my anxiety comes from. I get nervous that I am not doing enough and that what I am doing is not perfect. I don’t know where this fear came from or how it came about, but I definitely struggle with this imaginary problem. I am learning to work on this and to be okay with my best efforts. I tend to think that my best is not good enough, but with therapy I have learned how dangerous this can be in my life. I think this is one of the reasons it is hard for me to relax sometimes. Even my relaxation must be perfect.

It’s impossible to say how 2022 will be. No one knows for sure, but you can definitely choose to be positive and to go into this year trying to be the best version of yourself that you can be. Life is a bunch of highs and lows, but we can choose to appreciate the highs and to learn from the lows.



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