Hilarious Ways to Respond to a “You Up?” Text

We all have gotten that dreaded “you up?” text. You’re laying in that comfy bed of yours, pajamas on, favorite tv show on, and then “bing,” you get that text from a guy who doesn’t seem to be available to text any other time, but late at night or at odd hours in the morning.

You give a quick eye roll and decide to ignore it because you’re better than that, but he hits you up with the same exact text the very next day. Obviously, this guy is not getting the message or he just doesn’t care enough. Maybe he thinks that eventually you’ll cave in and invite him over or go over to his spot.

As women, we always struggle with what to text a guy in this very moment. We end up calling our girls and analyzing the crap out of a guy’s text only to feel even more confused after. Everyone knows that men (f***boys) who only text us at this time are typically reaching out for a booty call, but what is the best way to even respond to something like this?

While you typically would want to curse the guy out to the moon and back, that’s not always the best way to do things. Sometimes it’s more fun to toy with them and leave them looking like, “WHAT?….”


 “Hey! My bad, I was up all night pinning pics to my wedding board on Pinterest.”

“OMG! I’m so glad you texted me, I’ve been waiting outside your window.”

“Yeah, I’m currently sitting in my ex’s bushes. Can you believe he’s dating someone new?”

“Yeah, I forgot to take my meds. Seeing people everywhere.”

“Yeah, just shaving my mustache.”

“OMG! Yeah! I’m taking the biggest sh** of my life. It’s HUGE! You want to see?”

“I’m pregnant.”

“Yeah! I just broke out of the psych ward. You want to meet up?”



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