How I Improved My Fashion Style

The way someone dresses can tell a lot about their personality. Dressing with bold colors makes the statement that you like to take a risk. Dressing in neutral colors can show that you like to keep it safe. This in no way means that you are insecure or less confident than a woman who chooses to dress boldly, but it can show that you probably like to keep things simple.

Over the years, my fashion style has changed dramatically. Clothing I used to hate, I now love (i.e. corduroy pants). When I was a child all the way through high school, I dressed more like a tomboy or I was rocking exercise clothes. I was an athlete and how I dressed was not a big deal to me. I still tried to make sure I was presentable, but I didn’t care about being in “style.”

I am glad I wasn’t one of those kids that tried to look cute all the time instead of just being a kid. I was more interested in Spongebob and playing outside with my friends. I didn’t care if I got my clothes dirty or if my hair was out of place and as a result, I had a rocking childhood filled with lots of fun memories.

When I got into college, I decided that it was time to get a little more girly and start caring more about my style. I experimented with different colors, patterns, and styles. I even started wearing more heels.

As I look back on these pictures, I actually laugh because I would never wear any of these outfits today, but back then, I though I had it going on. Every girl was dressing like this and most college girls were shopping at the same stores (i.e. Charlotte Russe and Rue 21). When I was in college, Forever 21 wasn’t as prominent as it is today and it was rare to hear of someone buying clothes from there. So you can only imagine how similar we all dressed. On top of that, Instagram wasn’t created yet, so girls didn’t have a plethora of online boutiques to pick from like they do now.

My style has changed so much over the years and I have gotten bold with colors and more daring with my outfit choices. I view fashion as a fun experiment where I can pair crazy colors with different fabrics and hopefully I like the outcome.

I no longer care about what others think about my fashion choices because I dress for myself. It is so fun and I can be as creative as I want with my style.

Being fashionable means being true to yourself and wearing that crazy outfit even if others think it looks horrible. It takes the pressure off of picking an outfit and it is the most freeing feeling.

It doesn’t matter what others think of your style, it only matters that you feel AMAZING in whatever you decide to put on.



I am the founder of Glocoa.

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