Instagram Brand Ambassador SCAMS To Look Out For

Fake Instagram Boutiques are making millions of dollars off of Brand Ambassador scams. There are key factors to look out for, so you won’t be the next victim.

The Brand Will Post a Comment Under Your Pic

You take a cute pic and post it on Instagram for everyone to see. You write the hashtags in your caption and within a day, you are flooded with numerous Instagram brand comments. The comments are always about how they love your style and that you should DM them if you want to be either a brand ambassador or do some type of collaboration.

Perhaps you fall for it because you have never heard of a brand ambassador scam. Unfortunately, you have just become their next victim.

The comments always look similar to this and they almost always ask YOU to reach out to them for more information. A brand that wants to work with you will not ask you to reach out to them. They will reach out to you and most of the time it’s by email, but never by comments.

Now, if you look at the profile that posted the comment, they are always different accounts. If a brand wants to work with you, they will personally reach out to you, but it will never be through a second account.

The Brand offers EMPTY Perks

You DM the brand and they tell you about all the “lovely” perks you will receive as a brand ambassador. The catch is, you have to pay a small handling fee to receive your free products or use a discount code and pay the rest.

The brand usually drowns this out by listing ALL the perks you will receive. You get so distracted by the perks, that the shipping costs don’t even seem like an issue anymore.

Now most of the time the merchandise is listed at such a high price, on their website, so you think the merchandise is high end or expensive, but it’s not. All of the perks listed, the merchandise prices, and the shipping cost are all THE SCAM. You are actually paying more for shipping than the actual value of the product.

An IN DEPTH example of a couple SCAMS

Crescent Treasures

Crescent Treasures is an online boutique that “appears” to be high end. It has a very clean looking website and the product pictures look professionally done.

The jewelry is incredibly pricey and any person who is not familiar with these scams would easily fall for a scam like this. They look like a legit company.

They have this beautiful bracelet listed on their site for $70.31 USD which is crazy expensive for a bracelet. Unfortunately, this bracelet is not even worth half this price.

What is Ali Express

Ali Express is an online retailer where you can find various merchandise for a very cheap price. A lot of companies order from Ali Express in bulk and then apply their logo to the products. This “Anita” Bracelet is on Ali Express for $1-$7 dollars depending on the type of design you want.

Crescent Treasures is literally marking their jewelry for a way higher price than the bracelet is actually worth. You can literally find the same jewelry on Ali Express. When you receive a package from Crescent Treasures, the package says made in China. Coincidently, this is where the majority of the vendors and factories are located where these products are made. A huge red flag is if the products take almost a month to get to you or you don’t even receive it. They don’t even send a tracking number.

Chic NYC Runway

Chic NYC Runway is another brand who is a little more advanced in their scamming. This brand reaches out with lengthy emails that look very professional and legit.

Now, this scam is trickier because the emails look so professional and they even add names of top designers to make it seem like they are a big deal. This scam uses FOMO (fear of missing out) as their scamming tactic to make you think that you would be missing out on a “BIG” opportunity.

Fortunately, this is an easy scam to spot because the perks look very similar to the previous one.

They even go as far as sending you a follow-up email if they don’t get a response. A lot of people have been scammed by this company and if you look on Google, you will find numerous videos about this brand.

This is another website that looks pretty clean and professional, but their basic tees are incredibly over-priced. You can literally go on Ali Express and buy this same shirt or similar ones for $1-$3 dollars and slap a logo on it. This is such an obvious scam.

This is an example of a basic tee that someone put a basic logo on.

What to expect from an actual brand deal

An actual brand will not ask you to pay any money to advertise their products. They either give you free products or pay you money through a brand deal. It will also be easy to find information about the company and the founder. There will also be a lot of reviews or testimonials on the products.

These fraudulent brands are scamming small influencers and Instagram users out of millions of dollars and every single person who they give a shoutout to on their pages have been scammed. Unfortunately, some don’t even know that they were scammed.

Today, the world is full of online scams, but they are pretty easy to spot once you know what you are looking for. Keep these tips in mind when dealing with brands.



I am the founder of Glocoa.

42 thoughts on “Instagram Brand Ambassador SCAMS To Look Out For

    1. Same goes for me. They neither commented on my posts but dm. I was looking up the location of the company but that’s just a house in the UK were normal people would life in.

  1. Thank you ma’am.It’s really hard for beginners like me to identify these scams.You saved my time and hard earned money

  2. Hi, first of all thank you so much for this information, I’m a new small influencer and the ‘crescent treasures’ just reach out to me just like you said. They told me I’ll get 4 free items and my own discount code. Their store claim to give ‘free shipping for all orders’ but they told me I need to pay the shipping fee for 36 euros!!! That’s totally expensive and I wouldn’t pay this amount of money to be an ‘ambassador’. Thank you so much for the information you helped me a lot

    1. I’m so happy that you didn’t fall for the scam. It’s really sad how they are going around scamming small influencers, like us, out of so much money. There are so many people that have fallen victim to their scams and it’s horrible. Yes! You should never pay to be an ambassador of any company because if a company wants you to be an ambassador, they won’t charge you anything. They will give you the product for free or pay you. I’m glad I could help. You’re most welcome.

  3. Legit just got a message from ‘crescent treasures’ and was about to pay for the shipping but thought hmmm lemme just double check. Needless to say i’m so grateful I found this post!

  4. Hey thanks so much, I was just contacted by this company and was very skeptical regarding paying the shipping. Which in any case should be around 12€ not 30-35€!! So I tryed to find something on the company and your blog pupt up first!!!! So glad as I have no idea about this stuff. Thanks and keep up the good work 🙂

    1. Yes! The shipping costs are absolutely ridiculous and I am so happy you spotted that red flag. High five to you. You’re very welcome!!!

  5. OMG thank you so much! I was going to accept this offer and actually pay the shipping but I decided to get some information first.

  6. no pense llegar a encontrar informacion que me fuera a servir sobre este tema, en verdad estoy muy agadecido con tu gran aporte de informacion. Justo hoy me enviaron mensaje de esa pagina de joyeria y se veia sospechosa pero real por el hecho de que otras personas ya eran embajadores. muchisimas gracias!! Espero que puedas seguir blindando informacion de este tema

    1. Estoy muy contento de que haya encontrado útil mi información y de que no haya caído en su estafa. No hablo español, así que utilicé el traductor de Google para responder.

  7. Thank you for doing what you do best. May God bless you for sharing your story. My friend got all of the above info. that you mentioned. Thank you, thank you again for being a scam stopper. Don’t stop please!

    1. Aww OMG! Thank You so much for this very sweet comment. I am so glad that you found this information and that your friend didn’t get scammed. I will be making more posts like this in the near future.

  8. wow, thanks for the heads up Desiree, also got a message from them asking me to be an ambassador for 4 free items and a shipping fee! phew. Thanks for saving me from this scammers.

  9. Hi,

    too late! So I ended up sending a shipping fee to Heralds Treasures. It’s been about two days and I sent them a message regarding the tracking #. They’re saying it’ll take them 4-7 days for a tracking # due to high volume. I told them to cancel it and now she responded by saying that I can cancel it in 60 days.
    Now my question is, would I actually be able to get my money somehow? Is it possible to get a refund?


    1. Aww I’m sorry girl. I honestly don’t think they will give you a refund at this point. When it happened to me, I just counted it as a loss. 60 days is a ridiculous amount of time to cancel an order and usually when you make an online purchase, you get your tracking number immediately. That was my first red flag. I never received a tracking number. Not even after I asked for one.

  10. Hiya, I just got a dm from ‘crescent treasures’ saying I can get 3 items for free and all I need to do is put my details in. I’m looking at these comments and reading your blog about it and now its making me free unsure because with my situation my basket is coming up with £0.00 with three items in my basket with the discount code they gave me. But i still need to put my payment details in which is putting me off.

    1. I honestly wouldn’t go for it. You might be charged shipping after which wouldn’t be good. I would proceed with caution.

  11. Crescent treasure dm me too saying 4 items free gave me the same long message their insta looked fake and their pics had one like each but the website does look very legit glad I looked it up thank you for this

    1. I’m so glad you didn’t fall for it. Yeah the huge amount of followers and a few likes on each pic is a big red flag.

  12. Well im fucking dumb i payd the shipping and just now looked what is this company🤦‍♀️ are they gonna take money now on my bankaccount or what do i have to do now

    1. Unfortunately, your money is probably gone, sorry to say. you’re not dumb girl, they are really good scams and they got a lot of people. At least, now you know and won’t make that same mistake in the future.

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