Mariz Jewelry Instagram Brand Ambassador Scam

I received such an amazing response from my past brand ambassador scam post, so I wanted to create another one. I will be exposing Mariz Jewelry as they are another scam site that is ripping off various influencers and other people on Instagram. I will also be exposing other Instagram Brand Ambassador scams in this series as there are many others.






Social Media:

Mariz Jewelry was “established” in September 2020. They have a website, an Instagram page, and a Facebook page. All the fixings to make them seem like a legit jewelry brand. There are some serious red flags when it comes to this site and supposed “brand.” In terms of their Facebook, they have posted pictures of their products, but the photos only have about 2-3 likes on each picture. This is quite strange for a “brand” that has about 127k followers on Instagram. There are also no comments I could find on the pictures listed on their Facebook page. Their Instagram has some likes and comments, but the comments are full of bots.



For example, Daisy Jewellery is a jewelry brand with around the same amount of followers. They have a more interactive presence online and they also have their own YouTube channel. You can also find YouTuber’s reviewing their brand. They also have actual customer’s commenting on their pictures and videos of behind the scene footage for showcasing their brand.

When you are trying to pinpoint whether a jewelry brand is not an actual jewelry brand, it is best to compare their site and socials to established brands. There will be some obvious indications that it is a scam.


A key difference between the two sites is the contact information. When you contact the Daisy Jewellery brand on Instagram or through email, they actually answer. If you try contacting Mariz Jewelry, you never get a response and if you do, it is usually a half-ass response in broken English.


When you look on the Mariz Jewelry site, you will find only a handful of items. Nothing has been added and the same products have been listed on the site since the beginning. On the Daisy Jewellery site, you will find endless pieces of jewelry, as well as, an explanation on their products.



I decided to look on Ali Express and see if I can find the exact pictures of the products on the Mariz Jewelry website. I was definitely not surprised to find photos of the products, but I was surprised that the exact photos from Ali Express were used on their site. They didn’t even care to change the photo. This is a HUGE red flag and a clear indicator that this is another brand ambassador scam site.

Here are the comparisons of some products on their site, so you can see for yourself.


Mariz Jewelry Site:


Ali Express:





Mariz Jewelry Site:



Ali Express:



Mariz Jewelry Site:



Ali Express:





  1. The brand ambassador scam is paying a shipping cost that costs more than the actual product.
  2. A lot, if not all, of the products are bought from Ali Express or Alibaba.
  3. They will DM you or comment under your post asking you to contact them.
  4. The DMĀ will consist of “perks” like a code for you to earn a commission off of and exposure.
  5. Real brands contact you through email and NEVER ask you to purchase something. They pay you or give you FREE products.




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  1. 2.1.22
    angelinatps@hotmail.com said:

    After receiving the delivery email from Yanwen Express (China), I realised I got scammed by Aurilla shop. Used Google lens and found the same products in Marizjewelry and aliexpress. I’m still hopefully waiting for the products to arrive. Please help to expose them.

    • 2.1.22

      Sorry that happened to you. Yes, I am working to expose them all.

  2. 2.16.22
    Melanie said:

    Hi how can I report them. I ordered stuff and never got any of it.

    • 2.22.22

      Unfortunately, there really isn’t a way to report them. You can try reporting the page to Instagram, but I think that’s as far as it goes.

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