My EDC Orlando 2019 Experience

I decided to go to EDC this year for the first time ever and I was not disappointed. I wasn’t sure if I would like it, so I only went for one day (Saturday). I’m so glad that I only picked one day because I was exhausted after.

The check in was pretty smooth and I was inside in under a minute. They scanned my bracelet, checked my fanny pack, and did a brief pat down. I’m so happy that they had several check-in booths because it made the lines shorter and the wait time pretty non-existent.

As soon as I walked in, there was a medium sized stage on the left where I got to see Blunts and Blondes. On the main stage, where it had two giant faces, I got to see CID and Afrojack which was epic.

The crowds were pretty chill and everyone was so nice. There were 80,000 people there that day, but it didn’t feel like it. Even during the performances, people were spaced out and everyone gave each other space which made for a much better experience and I didn’t feel claustrophobic.

My Recommendations

Food and Drinks:

I recommend everyone to eat a hardy breakfast before going to EDC. It keeps you full longer which means you won’t be spending a lot of money on food. Food is about $8-$10 at EDC, so two meals can run you $20 or more.

Alcoholic drinks are expensive. Beer is $10, and mixed drinks are $14-$16. That is very expensive for drinks, so it might be better to have a few at-home drinks before getting to EDC. Water and soft drinks are $4-$6, which is still pretty pricey. I would recommend getting yourself a hydration pack.


Wear light clothing. Don’t put too many layers on and make sure the clothing is pretty thin in material because if it gets hot, you won’t overheat. Wear comfortable clothing, so you can dance around and have fun.


I would recommend wearing a fanny pack or securing your backpack with a lock to protect yourself against theft. It’s always good to be prepared. Secure your belongings and don’t set your bags down anywhere.

Besides that, you should be fine and enjoy yourself if you plan to go next year. It’s definitely a fun experience and one that you won’t regret going to.



I am the founder of Glocoa.

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