My Experience with Speed Dating

Dating has gotten so complicated over the years. When I was younger, I couldn’t wait to get home so that cute guy I was crushing on would call my house phone. Fast forward to today and there are so many different ways of dating.

People can direct message each other on Instagram or Facebook, use one of the many dating apps, or even do fun networking events such as speed dating. Surprisingly quite a lot of people don’t know that speed dating events are offered all over America in many different cities. It’s not just in movies like Hitch and they are a great way to meet new people.

When my friend told me about this event, I wasn’t sure if this was something I would want to do. I have never done it before and I have a bit of social anxiety when it comes to meeting new people. With speed dating, you can’t waste time. You have five minutes to talk with a complete stranger and to get as much information as you possibly can and decide whether you want to meet this person again or not.


The event was held on a Tuesday at this small, classy bar in Orlando. There were 11 men and six women. The women were told to find a seat and the men would pick who they wanted to talk to first and take a seat in front of that woman. I can say that at about this point, my stomach was doing flips. I was so nervous and this was definitely putting me out of my comfort zone, but I managed to keep my cool.

Every man and woman were given a score card where you would list the person’s name and their number, as well as, mark if you wanted to see them again or not. We had five minutes to talk and then the host would come around saying that time is up and the men would move to the next woman.

All the men were kind and carried themselves well. I thought it was funny how a majority of the men were engineers. One was in the army, one built rockets for NASA (also an engineer), and one was a lawyer. It was refreshing to speak to men who actually had careers and goals in life. The conversations weren’t awkward and I even got quite a few laughs in.

At the end of the event, everyone gave their score card to the host. Once she reviewed everything, she informed us that she would email everyone with their matches within 24 hours. I got two matches and one of the matches, I happen to be going on my second date with this Friday. My friend who I went with just had her second date with one of her matches on Monday.

Speed dating is a different and unique experience, but I can say it was a great one. It helps you to think on the spot and not waste time with boring conversation, plus you get to meet new people. I would recommend any single person to try it because even if you don’t get any matches, it opens your eyes to a new form of dating.

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