“Oh Michael”

I used to be one of those people that would wonder why someone would spend so much money on a shoe when there are cheaper shoes out there. For the longest time, I would buy cheap heels thinking I walked away with the deal of my life only to feel like cutting off my feet once I’d been in those same heels for an hour or two. Sadly, this was a sacrifice I was willing to make because I was not going to break the bank for a pair of shoes.

While shopping one day, I came upon this store called Style Encore. It has name brand clothes, shoes, and handbags that people either sell for money or store credit. I was going down the shoe aisle and was surprised to find these cute Michael Kors pumps for only $30. Now these shoes usually retail for $150 at the highest and $75 at the lowest.

**DISCLAIMER: Make sure you always thoroughly wipe down any used shoes with disinfectant wipes**

I was going away for the weekend and I needed cute shoes to match my edgy outfit. it just so happened that these shoes matched perfectly with my outfit. Now it was time for the ultimate test. Will these shoes last on my feet after a long night of salsa dancing? Well, they passed the test, I not only wore them all night, but it only gave me a little pain. The best part was that the balls of my feet didn’t hurt at all that night.

It did make me wonder whether us women were throwing away hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars on cheap shoes instead of buying shoes that cost more and are of a better quality. Now I’m not saying to just go out and buy a shoe that’s $100 or more, especially if you can’t afford it, but let’s think about it. If you buy 10 shoes at $20 a piece, that’s $200. Maybe it’s best to take that money and put it towards maybe 2 or 3 pairs of shoes that will last longer and will have mercy on your feet.

As I took of these heels at the end of the night, I sat at the end of my bed amazed by the quality of the heel. I was poking at the material in the shoe. The shoes have a lining of comfy padding and the heels are so sturdy. It didn’t have that cheap, hard inner lining that my heels usually had. I had never in my life worn a heel that didn’t make the balls of my feet hurt. I was truly amazed.

I finally understand why some people spend more money on heels such as these. Investing in a great shoe is beneficial to your feet and your wallet.



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