Spotify Gave Away Free Google Home Minis

Spotify partnered with Google and gave away free Google home minis to all of its members. The deal did end in November, but thankfully, you can pick it up from Target for only $25. For all this speaker can do, it is definitely worth the buy.

It only took about three to five minutes to set up the speaker. You just need to download the “Google Home” app and once it locates the speaker, it takes you through an easy and quick set up process which includes speaking to your Google device, so it can recognize your voice.

You can sync Spotify, Netflix, YouTube, and many other platforms to this speaker, as well as, give it commands such as setting a reminder for tomorrow or even setting an alarm. You can command it to play any kind of music you like just by starting with, “Hey Google or Okay Google…” You can also use your Google home mini to turn of your lights or change your thermostat. The volume can be turned up or down either using the app or tapping your finger on either side of the speaker. The left side raises the volume and the right side lowers the volume.

It is a pretty sturdy device and it fits in the palm of your hand. You can also get it in various colors. It is convenient and serves as a Google Assistant.



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