The 7 Things Black Women are Tired of Hearing

Black women are tired!

While we have made strides in combatting racism, we still have a long way to go. Racism is rooted deep in a person’s being and it even goes as far as changing his or her psyche. In order for racism to be unlearned, a rewiring of the brain needs to occur. Everything that was taught would need to be unlearned, but that can only happen when that person recognizes that he, she, or they are racist and actively works to change their beliefs and behaviors.

Racism stems from hate, which comes from fear. Fear of something you don’t know and don’t understand. Instead of working to understand or, at least, accept the difference, you get angry at it and become hateful towards it. It’s an ignorant action that has caused so much division across the globe.

This is something black women know all too well. We are the most disrespected, unprotected, and neglected people in the entire world. We are mistreated, fetishized, and mocked for our blackness. In fact, if you sit down with a black woman, she can probably tell you story after story of her experience with racism. She can tell you how her skin color is a determining factor in her getting a job, a date, and even an education. It affects almost every aspect of her life, including child birth.

While our melanin glows and radiates, it is constantly ridiculed and chastised. It can be a determining factor in how a person will treat us before we even open our mouth to speak. That is why, it’s so important that we continue to work towards ending something that has affected us for so long. We can start with the words constantly uttered at black women that are filled with prejudice and racism. If you have said any of these sayings, you need to re-evaluate your beliefs and figure out why it is that you are so comfortable saying such things to a black woman.

“You are pretty for a black girl.”

Most black women have heard this before and it is such a kick in the face. It is basically saying, “Wow! I didn’t know black women can be so attractive.” It is not a compliment and down right cruel. Black women are beautiful PERIOD and we don’t need Jake or Connor validating us.


“You must be mixed with something, you can’t only be black.”

Yes, I CAN only be black. Black women don’t have to be mixed race to be beautiful. This is such a racist thing to say because it implies that, again, black women are not beautiful and we all know that’s a damn lie.


“I’ll sleep with you, but I can’t bring you to meet my parents because they don’t like black people.”

Sometimes I am in disbelief at the things that fly out of some people’s mouths. I don’t understand how someone can find this flattering. It’s like yeah my family doesn’t like you for just being you, but you should be happy I still want to sleep with you. Umm no, I’ll pass, but thanks.


“Oh I love me some chocolate.”

Eww!!! First of all, black women are not actually made out of chocolate and this whole chocolate girl fetish has to stop. It’s so annoying. Black women don’t want to be another notch on your belt. We also don’t want to give you this black girl experience, so that you run back to your friends and tell them that you slept with a black girl for the first time like you’ll be receiving some type of accolade.


“I only date black girls.”

This is giving off serious pick me energy. It is basically saying congratulate me for actually liking you. I run for the hills when a man utters these words. It’s basically saying you should be flattered that I like you. Nope, you should be flattered to be in the presence of a gorgeous black woman. Don’t get it twisted. We all know that black women are seen as undesirable in this world or something to be conquered. Making statements such as this is not a compliment. In fact, it’s far from it. If I said the same thing about a group of men, I don’t think it would go over so well. It’s such a cringy thing to say and it’s super awkward. There’s even this weird trend going on where guys are like, ” I only date black women,” but all they are following is white women and not a single black girl. It’s all for clout and it’s disgusting.


“We would make some pretty mixed babies.”

Again…Ewww!!! Slow down Connor, it’s the first date and I’m not sure I’m even feeling you like that. I have heard this statement from both men and their parents. It’s just a weird vibe. I don’t understand why everyone is so weirdly obsessed with mixed babies. Yes, they are beautiful, but so are black babies. Why is having mixed babies the sole purpose of some people getting with black women?

“I don’t date black women because they are too loud and ghetto.”

Maybe black women don’t date you, sweetie. Have you ever thought of that? The funny thing is, if you are not into a certain type of woman, that’s okay, but why do you need to voice it to every black woman that you come into contact with. Some people say it before you even open your mouth as if they even had a chance. I have had to put quite a few men in their place with this one. Often by voicing that they are not at all my type. You know what their response is? “Ouch, that was harsh.” Wait, so you’re allowed to tell me you’re not into me, but I can’t say the same. Huh? Also, if you don’t like a certain race of women based off of a stereotype, then you are an ignorant piece-of-shit who needs a reality check.

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