The Best Clothing Stores for Plus-Size Women

Clothing stores used to really not care about being inclusive to plus-size women, but times have changed. It used to be so hard to find cute and trendy pieces as a plus-size woman. You would have to go to the back of the store in a random corner and even then they would only have one or two pieces. Those pieces usually were stretchy material in neutral colors. There were no bright colors or any fun prints…Just random, boring pieces.

Now with plus-size women taking the fashion world by storm and appearing in high fashion clothing brands, like Versace, much has changed with the type of plus-size clothing sold. Now there are various brands that offer trendy and chic plus-size pieces. Whether you are looking for high-end fashion pieces or some affordable options these clothing stores offer cute and trendy pieces for plus-size women.

12 Clothing Stores for Plus-Size Women


Shein is probably one of the most affordable clothing brands out there. They are also one of the brands that have done well in the plus-size arena. Their clothes are incredibly cute and fashionable. You can find a plethora of pieces from prints to neon colors. There is definitely something for every style. It is important that you know your measurements when ordering from this site because not every piece of clothing is true to size and sometimes a 1x will fit someone who is usually a 2x.



You can find just about any kind of plus-size clothing in Asos Curve. Whether you are looking for casual pieces or a nice spring dress, Asos has it. Their pieces are perfect for any plus-size, body type. When they launched their curve collection in 2010, it offered a variety of pieces for any occasion with many options.



If you are looking for more neutral pieces to add to your wardrobe, I would definitely check out Pretty Little Thing. They have amazing pieces that will shape your body very well and hide your problem areas. The pieces are sleek and have a more elegant, classic-like appeal.



They call themselves “the most style inclusive brand” and I would agree. Universal Standard has a goal of creating clothing for all sizes because why should your size stop you from wearing the cutest and most luxurious pieces. This high-end brand has classic, staple pieces are made from the finest fabrics from all over the world.



Who said big girls don’t like to workout? Whether you like to take a nice brisk walk or do a yoga routine, Fabletics has workout clothes for it. When you enter their site, you can take a short quiz about your size and what kind of exercise you are using the clothes for. You are then flooded with various options that will fit your needs. The clothing fits up to a 4x and are very comfy. There are many affordable pieces to choose from. Now you can workout and be stylish at the same time.



Do you get excited about puff dresses as much as I do? Well Selkie has plenty. This high-end fashion brand has the cutest dresses that will make you feel absolutely fabulous. The colors are bright and you will stand out in any room.



Loud bodies offers high-end, sustainable fashion. They recognize that shopping and fashion in itself should be fun and not a humiliating process that you want to avoid all together. Plus-size women used to not be able to express themselves through fashion because clothing brands were lacking. With brands like Loud Bodies, you can do just that. Have the loudest fashion possible, unapologetically.



We first met this amazing designer back on Project Runway. From there you could already see that he was destined for greatness. Now, Christian Siriano is a big name designer in the high-end fashion sector. His plus-size clothing line is to die for and will make you feel like you are destined to walk the red carpet.



CEO Lauren has always been an advocate for size-inclusion in the fashion world. She has had first-hand experience of being a plus-size women in a Size 0-2 fashion world which inspired her clothing brand, Henning. Her pieces will make you feel like you walked right off the runway. These pieces are great for a simple date night or for a day in the office.



Torrid offers casual wear catered to women who are from sizes M-6x. This is a truly inclusive brand with trendy pieces for any time of year. The clothes are of good material and very comfy.



Forever 21 is one of my go-to spots for plus-size clothing. Their clothes are always cute and trendy and they fit my body well. I do recommend you go to the store to try on their clothes instead of ordering online, unless you know your exact measurements. Sometimes the clothes won’t fit right for your size and you will need to size up.





You can find a Target practically anywhere in the country. They have two plus size sections. One for the young folks and another for the grown folks. I love Target’s plus size section because it’s not separated from the regular sized clothes. Whatever clothes you see in the junior section goes from a small to a 3x. You don’t have to go to a separate section. If you see something cute, you can find it in a 1x-3x. If that’s not inclusive, I don’t know what is.


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