The House On Lang Grand Opening

Orlando is filled with so many hidden gems and when I came upon this cute, artsy store, I had to check it out. The House on Lang is an aesthetically pleasing store that sells clothes, jewelry, artwork and goodies from the “Laundry” collection. This is a cozy place tucked away on Lang Avenue in the Mills 50 district.

Every section of the store has its own unique look and offers a different vibe. During the week, you can pick a record and put it in the record player and the song is played all throughout the space.

When you turn right, you’ll see a selection of really cute clothes that will add an edge to your wardrobe. You’ll find an array of vintage and graphic fits for men and women that can be worn in any occasion. You definitely won’t look like the average guy or gal rocking these pieces.

There are many home goods stashed away in various parts of the store that definitely catch your attention. They have candles named after different cities in Florida, as well as, really cool books and bags.

My favorite part of the space was the nook covered with all types of vintage magazine pages.

In the back part of the store you will find a workshop where you can create your own artwork. You’ll also find unique plates, coasters, and various candles along with other home goods.

From this area, you can take the side door to the backyard. The backyard has a food truck with many different sitting areas, as well as, a big swing attached to a massive tree.



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