The Perfect Red Lip For Your Skin Color

Who doesn’t love a red lip? It’s bold and it adds a striking pop to any outfit. Now, there are many different red lipsticks, glosses, lip butters, and lip stains out there, which can be both exciting and overwhelming. Thankfully, based off of your skin tone, there is a perfect shade of red out there for you. This is not to say that you can’t wear any shade of red that you want, but there are shades out there that perfectly compliment your skin tone.


Before we get into the different colors, there are a few things you must know. First, every person has a different undertone to their skin, so it is imperative that any red lip you pick compliments not only your skin color, but your undertone. By undertones, I mean the color under the surface of your skin. You can have the same skin color as someone and have a different undertone. Your skin color can also change (meaning getting darker or lighter), but your undertone will never change.

There are three undertone colors which are warm, cool, and neutral. Warm undertones are usually yellow or gold. Cool undertones usually range from pink to blue. If there isn’t much of a difference in color from your skin tone and your undertone, then you have a neutral undertone. This also means you are a mix of both cool and warm tones.

If you are a dark-skinned woman, you could have cool undertones just as a fair-skinned woman could have warm undertones. Not all dark-skinned or brown-skinned women have warm undertones like many might think, which could be why a certain red that you perhaps saw on someone of the same skin color doesn’t look as pleasing on you.


If you look at the veins in your wrist and see that it is more of a green color, then you most likely have a warm undertone, whereas someone with blue colored veins, have a cool undertone. If you are neutral, you get more of a variety of colors to work with because certain warm and cool colors work well for you. You can play with both and see which colors look best on your skin. Using things like jewelry and clothes can help you figure out if you’re more warm than cool. For example, if gold jewelry looks better on your skin, then you are most likely warm and if silver looks better on your skin, then you are most likely cool.


For Dark Skin:

  1. Intense colors
  2. Deep reds and dark red wine colors
  3. Berry tones
  4. Plum and cherry colors

Lippies you can try:

Nyx Professional Makeup Soft Matte Lip Cream-Monte Carlo

Dose of Color-Extra Saucy (color I am wearing)

Bobbi Brown Luxe Matte Lip Butter-Burnt Cherry

For Fair skin:

  1. No Burgundy tones
  2. Orange Reddish colors
  3. Coral reds, cranberry reds
  4. Reds with hints of blue and purple

Lippies you can try:

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip color-HD Romance

Mac Retro Matte Lipstick (model in picture is wearing this color)

Maybelline New York Color Sensational Lipstick-On Fire Red

Medium Skin Tones:

Medium skin tones have more of a range when it comes to picking red lips.

For Medium-Fair Skin:

  1. Orange-based reds
  2. Yellow based reds
  3. Cranberry Reds
  4. Brick

Lippies you can try:

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick-Emotional

Laura Mercier Red Brick Paint Wash Liquid Lip Color (model in picture is wearing this color)

Artist Rouge Matte High Pigmented Lipstick-Brick Red

For Warm Medium Tones:

  1. Brown reds
  2. Orange-infused reds like coral
  3. Coral reds

Lippies you can try:

Buxom Matte Lipstick-Toxic cherry (model is currently wearing this lip color)

Shiseido Rouge Rouge Lipstick-First Bite

Rimmel London-Lasting Finish



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