The Slate Restaurant

This past Friday night, my girlfriends and I went to the Slate restaurant which is a beautiful, cozy restaurant that makes American style cuisine. It’s located in the Dr. Phillips area right next to Trader Joe’s. They offer complimentary valet, but since it was around 8pm, there were enough spots to park in the Trader Joe’s parking lot.

As we walked in, we were greeted by a nice gentlemen. The hostess ended up sitting us outside, but we asked to be moved inside since the ambience seemed better in there.

Once we sat down, our waitress asked for our drink choices. I ordered the “My Pear Lady” cocktail. It was really strong and not very tasty.

When I tried to replace my drink, my waitress was no where to be found and I even had to signal another waiter to get her. Thankfully the waiter helped me instead and asked if he could assist me with anything. This is the same nice gentleman who greeted us at the door. I told him that I didn’t like the drink and that I would prefer something sweeter. He was nice enough to replace my drink with the Chef’s special which he said was a lot sweeter. He even waited while I tasted the drink and asked if I wanted it sweetened more. By the time my waitress finally came back to the table, he had taken care of everything and I honestly wished he was our waiter because of how patient and attentive he was.

The waitress took our order. We shared the charcuterie and cheese plate and I ordered the smoked brisket and mac and cheese for me.

The Charcuterie plate was $20 and for that price, I thought it would have had more of a variety. The food was spread out and they had this jelly sauce on the bottom. It was the chef’s selection of meats and cheeses. The salami and brie were really good, but I didn’t know what the other meat was. When the waitress brought over the plate, we would have liked a little description of everything. It wasn’t bad, but I wouldn’t order it again.

The smoked brisket was great, but it was not enough of a meal to fill me up. The smoked brisket came with purple grits that were pretty tasty. The mac and cheese came late, but it was pretty tasty, as well.

The ambience of the restaurant was nice, but we were not impressed by the waitress. It took her way too long to come back to our table and if we needed something from her, it would take her about 10 minutes or more to return to the table. I wish I remembered the name of the gentleman who assisted us, but he honestly made the experience so much better and I truly thank him for all his help.

The Slate Restaurant Rating: 7/10

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