This is 30

Hmmm! The Big 3-0!! Well, I made sure to squeeze out every last drop of my 20s before gracefully step into my 30s.

I honestly don’t know why turning 30 is such a taboo thing. It’s like life alert is waiting around the corner. You’re now 30, so you’ll be needing assistance going up and down the stairs. Maybe it’s because from now on you’ll be hearing how your clock is ticking. Tik Tok…Tik Tok!! I for one, am excited to be 30. It just feels more mature and sexy. I feel like 29 is in the rearview mirror reminding me to stay youthful. That it’s okay to transition into the next part of my life and to want more for myself. So, that’s exactly what I’m going to be going for in my 30s….MORE!

I want to travel more, eat more delicious foods, read more books, go on more adventures, laugh more, dance more, and most importantly live more. I want more of everything and I am realizing it’s okay to want that and it’s also okay to go after it.


A Look Back at My 20s

A lot of my 20s were spent experimenting and second guessing myself and feeling pressured to take a certain path in life. What a lot of people don’t tell you about your 20s is that it doesn’t matter how great you think you life is going, there will be a shift. I was 20 when someone told me this and I didn’t believe that person at all. I thought, in my cute little naive brain, that I would stay the same forever. That I would always love partying, buying cheap alcohol, getting into non-committed relationships, and watching prank channels on YouTube.

The funny thing is, you do change. Sometimes you change a lot and this is when the shift happens. Now, things that you didn’t give an absolute shit about matter more than anything. It now matters for me to hold onto meaningful relationships and to also know when it’s time to let someone go. I care more about exploring my passions and standing more in my truth. I despise being anything other than myself and as someone who grew up being a people pleaser, this is a huge transition for me.

A Rebirth

Entering a new decade of your life is somewhat of a rebirth. Thankfully, I’m entering this decade feeling more sure and secure of myself than I ever felt before. This is not to say that every single part of my life is in order and that I have figured it all out or somehow found the answer to life, but I can definitely say that I am on that path. If only 21 year old me could see me now. She would be so relieved.

I remember the 21st year of my life being so challenging. I just finished college and I had no sense of direction and no idea who I was. It left me feeling depressed and I didn’t look forward to the future. Something I’m sure many of you can relate to. The crazy part is, no one can help you figure it out. It’s something you must discover on your own. You just do eventually and it’s the best feeling in the world. The world looks brighter and filled with many more opportunities than you could have ever imagined.

The Most Exciting Thing About Turning 30

I think one of the most exciting things about turning 30 is that I am more grounded. I’m smart enough to not make the same mistakes I made when I was younger. I feel more balanced than I ever have in my life and I realized just how quickly life can pass by. That’s why it’s always important to seize the day and to live like a child given the freedom to explore.

Since I have a higher degree of self-awareness, I now know when to walk away from something or when to run towards something. I am doing me and I plan on continuing to do that well into my 30s.

Oh and I don’t feel like a senior citizen anymore when someone refers to me as “ma’am.” LOL



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