Why Normani’s New “Motivation” Video is Giving Us All Types of Nostalgic Feels.

Besides the fact that she is promoting black-excellence, Normani’s new video takes us ’90s kids back to the days of rocking airbrushed t-shirts and Nike Air Force 1s.

The video is crammed with 1990 and early 2000 references such as Beyonce’s, “Crazy in Love” video and J.Lo and Ja-Rule’s, “I’m Real video.”

Motivation takes us back to a time before technology was prominent. A time where you could find most kids outside playing with friends during those hot summer days or running inside the house to watch 106 and Park because we didn’t have DVRs.

Let’s not forget those sick dance moves, as well. This video was everything and then some. It’s a reminder of where we came from and how fun and simple our childhood was.



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