Why You Shouldn’t Wash Your Face in the Morning

Almost every face wash tells you to wash your face in the morning and at night and for many years I followed those directions, but I recently stopped.

One day, I was perusing YouTube and came across this video on Allure where a dermatologist described her morning routine. While doing her morning routine, she described how she wets her face with water to wake up in the morning and then applies her face serum and moisturizers. She skips the whole facial cleanser step. Her reasoning behind this was that she already did a whole comprehensive skin care routine the night before and washing your face in the morning again strips your face of all the natural oils that our skin produces overnight.

When she said that, a light bulb went off in my head. I never realized it before, but this was a valid statement. Whenever I wake up, I always have this morning glow and my skin looks so radiant, but when I wash my face, it doesn’t really look like that anymore. When I washed my face, I was stripping my face of all of the work I had previously done the night before.

My nighttime skincare routine is a 10 step process because I am washing my face then applying all of my serums, eye creams, and moisturizers. On top of that, two to three times a week, I am exfoliating. It is a process I do not mind doing though because it gives me this radiant glow in the morning and has completely cleared my acne. The purpose of the nighttime routine is to prepare your skin for the next day and to shed the dirt and grime of the previous day, so why wake up and do the whole thing again in the morning?

Ever since I watched this video and a few of her other videos, I started doing what she does in the morning. I wet my face to wake myself up then apply my ultra hydrating serum followed by my moisturizer and sunscreen. I not only save so much time in the morning, but I keep that glow and all of those nice oils my skin has produced overnight.

Ever since I have incorporated these steps in my morning routine, I have seen a huge difference in the appearance of my skin and it makes me so excited to do my nighttime routine at night. I also feel that it has helped me to organize my skin care routine and pay extra close attention to what I am applying on my face at night.



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