Yoga for Anxiety & Stress Relief

Let me start of by saying that your spiritual journey is not something that you start because it started when you were born. So at this moment right now, you are on your journey, even if it might not feel like it.

Every obstacle and challenge that you have faced in your life is a part of your spiritual journey. It awakens you to knew things on your path that will help you grow, but it is our decision as to how we want to deal with those situations. We can take the path of healing or the path of continued misery.

If you have taken the path of healing, then one of the things you can incorporate in your journey is yoga. There are numerous forms of yoga today that you can try and different people take to different forms of yoga. The best thing you can do is try different types and see which one best suits you. A helpful guide is looking for yoga sessions that are geared towards healing a specific thing like anxiety or stress.

I have tried many different forms of yoga, but nothing has sticked and after about a week or two, I would stop doing it. I realized that I wasn’t doing yoga that catered to something I was going through at the time. At this moment, I am currently dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety, so I decided to find yoga that catered specifically to that and I am so glad that I did.

With the pandemic, a lot of things have gone virtual and youTube is a great place to find yoga sessions that will jump start your day and your healing. I came upon Koya Webb’s Yoga for Anxiety & Stress Relief. This is the best yoga I have ever done and I felt better, not only externally, but internally.

I never thought this session would touch me so much, but it did. This was more of a calming yoga, so it involved a lot of breathing techniques and sitting in silence, but it was incredibly powerful. A lot of the session involved me crying and releasing the build up of stress that I was carrying around for so long. I felt so calm and peaceful during and after the session. I sat there for a moment in shock because I had never experienced such great emotion from a yoga session and I was at such a place of peace and gratitude for it. I didn’t realize how stressed and anxious I had been feeling until the session.

People often walk around with so much pent up stress and anger, but it has become so normal that they don’t even realize that something is wrong. This is a dangerous place to be at because we end up releasing stress in unhealthy ways that can cause us more damage. The best thing we can do for ourselves is to find activities that work to spiritually heal us and bring us back to a calm, peaceful state.

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